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So...don't get too angry...

Hey gang,

It's been quite a while since I wrote something here...very uncharacteristic of myself actually, but anyway...

My little bout of "devistation" is well past and over with concerning the Nelvana letter. A bunch of things dawned on me and to put things short, I am lucky I got anything at all. So better to look on the brighter side of things.

Otherwise I have been very busy and prominant on a certain item that has come into my posession...

I have been talking to someone named "Shotking". We got to talking about this and that and he mentioned a long while ago that he saw some one on Ebay was selling the entire Blazing Dragons Series Episodes on Ebay. What was so special about them? They are the ONLY studio cut set in existance...meaning: NO CUTS, ALL THE EPISODES, AND GREAT QUALITY, STRAIGHT FROM NELVANA (even came in the Nelvana boxes). He didn't buy them back then because they were going for an incredibly high sum of money.

We ended up, collectively, agreeing that we needed to obtain that set, no matter how ludacrous the cost. So after he did a lot of scrambling, he managed to track the owner, of the set, down and thankfully she still had the set and was willing to sell them to us. Unfortunately her price never relenquished. But I didn't care. We agreed to go halfs and we ended up getting the set. 

I got them over the weekend, and let's just say...WOW. Seriously. It was a long end to a journey to finally see it all, and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. I ended up transfering the VHS to DVDs and sent a set back over to him.

Which brings me to the people that have already received episodes from me...the cut, incomplete set :(

In my gut I knew I should have waited just a little bit longer before offering them out...but at the same time I didn't find out about the set until 3 weeks after I mailed you all :(

I am willing to send out this complete and unmolested set of episodes back out to the original people (And anyone living in the USA, that really enjoyed the show, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you think about this. The cuts were THAT GOOD.) {well in my opinion anyway}. Basically they slaughtered Sir Blaze's character by cutting almost a good 30% of his lines, and they actually took out a lot of GOOD jokes. Like actual jokes that made me laugh or do one of those, "whhhhhaaaatttt??!!" As you didn't see it coming, because you didn't think the show was capible of that kind of humor. I can finally see the strong connection between the game and the cartoon because of them...

Now for the hard part. Obtaining the episodes hit my checkbook hard, so I can't just send them out again. I think what I am going to do is IF THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE I SENT THEM TO IN THE United States, ARE INTERESTED, I WILL SEND THEM FREE. But unfortunately for anyone new, I'd have to charge about $5. And People over in England, I'd have to charge you as well :(   (something around $10-15 {5 to 7.5 pounds}

I hate doing it, and truly do, but again, that set was EXPENSIVE, and I don't have the kind of money to resend all of them for free.

But Please do consider. This is THEE SET. The ultimate. The quality you would see on an actual DVD set. And you really are a fan, I really, really, really, suggest you getting them.


Also about the Website. Don't expect it up and running anytime soon. I will be organizing everything, EVERYTHING, on paper and design first before I even THINK about buying the site. The more complete I have it organized the easier and efficient the transfer will be when I start hosting. Also any and all ideas are welcomed for anything you would like to have on the site.

Anyway, last thing. After giving much thought and consideration, I WILL BE continuing my written story, but WILL NOT be continuing the comic episodes. If anything I will still do drawings for the stories and post them along with it. Kinda childish "Picture Story Book" type of thing, but It's always a nice break to have an image in there. This, not only takes the strain and pressure off my working constantly on the episodes (100 pictures per, to something like 5-10) but it allows me to spend much more time on the quality and blah blah blah. Who cares right? I'll just give you the link when I get there ;)

I'll be starting that back up soon and hopefully will have "Breach Pt II" with in the next 2 weeks.

Sorry for the lenght, and cudos if you read the whole thing ^^


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