closet_case_05 (closet_case_05) wrote in blazing_dragons,

Just because

hey all,

Haven't said or done anything here in almost a month. 

In all honesty I really don't have much to say. There are really only 2 things left for me to actually do/ accomplish and those being the website based around Blazing Dragons and the story I have started....and haven't really touched in a VERY long time :$

I've finally moved back to college meaning that I have free time again, and lots of it for the time being. I plan to fall back into the routine of writing and whatnot also continuation of what I am going to do with the website. Again, don't expect it to be up and running for a while.

Oh there was another bit of news I'd like to share, a random picture that has popped up on the internet. It's a little overt to say the least but it's actually got more of a positive spin to it than anything else. After the initial O_o! from the picture I took a look at all the comments under it and how many people say they actually remember the show and whatnot. So it's good to know that some people have seen it before :P

Also this person started putting up the episodes of Blazing Dragons on YouTube. I think he has 3 done. While I'm not 100% for this idea, I can't and won't try to do anything to stop it, as the positive side is that people will be able to see it again from all over the world. Honestly the only reason I'm not for it is the link back to Nelvana, as they would think I did, but with no proof and the simple fact I didn't even do it, would halt anything anyway.

I hope every one is doing well, and yes I know exactly who did the picture and put up the episodes XD

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