tyciol (tyciol) wrote in blazing_dragons,

"Stepmother Griddle"

Watching the 'tube series the first episode over reminded me that Queen Griddle is actually Flame's stepmother... I think she's Blaze's mother right? Anyway, what happened to Flame's mother could be a source of drama I guess. Like if one were to do a serious fanfic.

On the other hand, that utterly destroys my previous theory, though I guess Allfire might have had a THIRD wife, who knows. You know those dragons and their mistresses. In this one manga I'm reading 'MeruPuri' apparently royalty has dozens.
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Deleted comment

Technically in the game Allfire's late wife was GRIDDLE and that she ran off with Sir Fireloins

Tyciol: And Yes Blaze's mother is Griddle and Flame is Allfire's father.
Well, judging by her actions in the series Griddle obviously isn't very loyal to allfire so that's believable. If the game takes place after the cartoon it could make sense. I saw a thin dragon that looked like the king on YouTube so maybe that's him? Maybe due to the stress he lost weight, or was trying to get fit to win another wife?

I wonder what Loungealot thought of Fireloins...

Anyway yeah, it seems like Blaze was Griddle's from a past marriage just like Flame is Allfire's DAUGHTER (lol) from a past marriage.

My thoughts are that Flame's mother probably died, unless, does the game represent Griddle as Flame's biological mother? Because the show definately state's they're step-related.
The game and the series were done at the same exact time and released like just a couple months apart. As for Flame's mother dying, basically everyone in the fandom basically has expressed that particular opinion to myself. Same with Flicker's family and what became of them.
Hm, I always thought the cartoon was first... well we can at least agree the cartoon was better so it should have authority right? While sometimes games sell cartoons, this seems like a case where a cartoon sold a game, or more likely, Monty Python fandom sold the game.

Death seems like the better explanation, as I can't imagine someone contributing to 50% of flame's DNA to run off and divorce a sweet guy like Allfire, nor could I see Allfire dumping such a lady, especially if it was for Griddle *shudder*

I'm not sure we should assume Flicker's family died though... I can't remember if the show ever referenced it, but it is possible that he's simply from another area. In the old days, squires would often just go off to live with their knight mentors right?
So long as the game doesn't contradict anything in the series, it's fine to take it as canon, but the series definately wins if there's a contradiction.

If the game takes place afterwards, possible Flicker's new wardrobe is explained by his increasing in status, and the extra legs... possibly a spell by Merle they didn't mention? *shrug*